The following posts are the records, ramblings and rhetoric of Leviatharan, Blood Elf death knight, lore enthusiast, amateur mechanical theorycrafter (translated roughly, a wishlister), scribe, herbalist, archivist, pet brawler, achievement whore collector and half-mad god of war in-training, currently situated on Drak’tharon-US in World of Warcraft and member of the #Acherus theorycrafting channel (which can be located on sonofalich.com).

I’ve been playing WoW on-and-off since Vanilla (having shared the account with my family), but really got into it at the release of Wrath of the Lich King (when they all got bored of it and left the account to me). That’s when I gave up my warlock, rolled my first death knight on Sargeras, and got a free transfer to Drak’tharon where I remain.

Fair bit of warning about my writing style: I’m not a professional. I don’t usually plan these posts weeks in advance. I might have a vague idea for a discussion point or two that I’ll hold onto for a couple days, but generally most of my writing is spontaneous, and posted the minute it’s done (if not shortly before…). Expect to see some articles that start with one point and end on a completely different one, if that’s the way the post goes.

Twitter account: @Leviatharan


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