Just For Fun: More #Acherus Brainstorming

A few members of #Acherus were discussing what they’d like to see change for Death Knights between now and the next expansion (specifically in the case of the upcoming and long-awaited 5.4 raid). A lot of their issues with the class thus far were based on things like talent tree structure as well as certain pet-peeves with the way our abilities behave. While it would likely be considered wishlisting, it would mean a lot to those of us who play the class to have these issues looked into. I’ve summed up a few points thus:

  • First, Anti-Magic Zone. While the recent Icy Veins interview promised a boost in AMZ’s utility, we’d very much like to see 1) that it not force a choice between raid utility and our personal survival – especially since we are a tank hybrid class – and 2) that the absorption cap on it be removed (the cooldown, duration, and mitigation itself naturally being adjusted to compensate, keeping in mind that its effects are primarily localized unlike most raid-wide cooldowns). Whether this talent would be better off baseline OR in a tier of raid utilities a la Warrior Tier 75 is still a source of debate (especially as the latter could spell a revival for our wildly popular classic, Mark of Blood, but at the cost of the growing sensation that is Purgatory).
  • Second, Blood Worms. They’re random and unreliable (often timing their bursts to over-heal allies) but still included as a part of Blood’s “unique” raid utility; we’d like to see a little more consistency with these pets, though not necessarily outright control to the degree of Unholy. Some suggestions included: a spell to compel them to detonate; more predictable spawning a la Wild Imps, possibly including an Imp Swarm-style glyph; smart-healing mechanics to make them jump towards the most injured nearby ally prior to detonation.
  • While cool in concept, a number of abilities that Dark Simulacrum can copy are incredibly weak, niche, or entirely useless to us as Death Knights, while it doesn’t affect many instant-cast abilities we should logically be able to copy. With those out of the way, other suggested additions to this ability included: ability to cast it on allies; ability to re-scale spell damage/effect from Spell Power to Attack Power; ability to copy at the start of the cast instead of on completion (perhaps with a silence effect tacked on); smarter AI to prevent wasting the debuff by copying abilities we can’t physically initiate (ie Unleash Elements or Deep Freeze).
  • Some consideration towards increasing the buffer on Purgatory to save us from poor healers/HoT timing and a comedy of errors. For example, allowing the effect to last for the full duration even if dispelled early, OR granting a brief period of damage immunity following its dispulsion.
  • Likely more of an issue with mobs than with DK abilities, but abilities like Lichborne, Desecrated Ground, Icebound Fortitude and Anti-Magic Shell should be able to suppress more crowd-control effects placed by bosses- specifically those labeled as Fears, Charms, Stuns, and so on. For example, being able to break out of Huddle in Terror on Sha of Fear with LB or DeG.
  • Plague Leech: We just want it gone. There’s been a lot of negative feedback towards our Level 56 tier in general since Mists Beta, with Plague Leech as a major source of this animosity due to its complete lack of value towards the non-Dual Wield specs, and its counter-intuitive nature towards our disease design. Considerations towards making Roiling Blood and Unholy Blight baseline – or at least part of Blood and Unholy’s respective tool kits – and removing/replacing the entire tier in lieu of simply replacing Plague Leech would also be appreciated, citing that we have plenty of methods of disease application as it stands (and that the AoE for those particular specs could still be improved upon).
  • Death’s Advance doesn’t really have much business being grouped in the talent tree with a pair of crowd control talents, and in the long run we’d like to see some restructuring in the future in the favor of segregated/dedicated Mobility and Crowd Control tiers.

Food for thought!

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