Just For Fun: Unholy Ideas

Sometimes in #Acherus we like to discuss some hypothetical changes to the class. So, just for fun, I figure I could save some here for posterity.

Petless Unholy

There are two ideas we’ve presented here to resolve the idea of petless Unholy, inspired by the developers’ teasing that they were toying with the concept back in Cataclysm Beta.

The first is by Fengore, specifically designed to keep the spec’s now thematic ramp-up:

21:49 Fengore I honestly think there should be an option for Unholy to consume pet.
21:49 Tsukiyuri like warlocks?
21:49 Fengore Yep
21:49 Fengore except death pact has always been a thing
21:49 Fengore so there’s grounds for it
21:49 Fengore You have to get your ghoul up to rampant stage
21:49 Fengore and consume him
21:50 Fengore so you can’t go in with yourself prebuffed, there’s a ramp up.
21:50 Fengore basically, you use your power to summon a ghoul
21:50 Fengore then that ghoul goes into overdrive
21:50 Fengore you consume the ghoul when he’s more powerful than when you summoned him
21:50 Fengore until you summon another ghoul, you get a bonus.
21:51 Fengore you just need to consume during first dark transformatin

The second proposed by myself for something more akin to warlocks, because why not:

21:51 Leviatharan I just prefer an idea like Dark Apotheosis: add a glyph that teaches a new spell
21:52 Leviatharan Have the glyph consume a ghoul to give you a buff for 15 min that increases shadow damage
21:52 Leviatharan Have it change Death Pact to reduce the healing granted and alter Dark Transformation to transform you
21:52 Leviatharan done

On Cooldowns (and AoE)

21:56 Fengore anyway, a cooldown can do several things that don’t give burst.
21:57 Fengore increase the frequency of disease ticks, have swings deal shadow strike ala oldschool necrosis,
21:57 Fengore Remove the cooldown on certain abilities while it’s active (looking at you outbreak)
21:58 Tsukiyuri oooh or . . .
21:58 Tsukiyuri have your diseases double tick
21:58 Tsukiyuri one normal
21:58 Tsukiyuri and one AOE tick
21:58 Tsukiyuri call it . . . wandering plague
21:58 Tsukiyuri :3
21:58 Fengore Oh I see what you did there.
21:58 Fengore But yeah the concept of a petless based unholy spec, is a guy who is a master of shadow and plague
21:58 Fengore You are Heigan
21:58 Fengore make DnD do floor eruptions
21:59 Fengore or better still, replace DnD with floor eruptions
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